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A Hot & Passionate Story

The Chilli Chick Shop was born from a love of chilli and cooking.

Using premium Australian produce, locally sourced where possible, founder and chef, Liesl started making chilli sauce for family and friends from what her husband Jason, was growing in the garden. Their reactions ignited a spark in Liesl and the Chilli Chick Shop has now become her fiery passion. 


The Chilli Chick Shop offers some of the best hand crafted, small batch Australian chilli products. 

Also producing some  amazing special edition creations from in-season produce from time to time. 

Perfect for parties platters or livening up you sandwiches and meals, these divine gourmet condiments will keep your guests and family coming back for more. 

Liesl and her team are proud to present her all Australian made and owned range of Gourmet products.

Get ready for a taste explosion!

What's Cooking?

Proudly Australian made and owned.

Product manufactured in N.S.W. Australia

The Chilli Chick Shop 


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