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Chilli Relish – Jam – Sauce


Three great products to get you started on The Chilli Chick Shop Journey. Medium heat and so versatile. Beetroot Chilli Relish our biggest seller.  Award winning Cheeky Sweet chilli and our Chilli Conserve a must for every pantry.


Beetroot Chilli Relish

A mouth watering Beetroot relish that has the heat of Birdseye chilli, spice of cumin and peppercorn and a sweetness to highlight the beetroot.  This is definitely our signature blend. Serve with your favourite cheese platter, poached eggs, salmon, lamb or even on a fresh ham sandwich. This really goes with anything.

300g Gluten Free Vegan Friendly, No Artificial Preservatives, Refrigerate after opening.

Chilli Conserve

Chilli Conserve is packed full of red cayenne and birds eye chillies and cooked with raspberry puree fresh lime juice and zest.  Considered medium heat this product is exquisitely good.  A must for every pantry, the whole family will be on board with this one.

Wonderful served with cheese, on grilled salmon, with pork or use as a dipping sauce by mixing with a touch of soy.  Its even great just served on toast.  So versatile and easily addictive.


Gluten Free Vegan Friendly, No Artificial Preservatives, Refrigerate after opening.

Cheeky Sweet Chilli Sauce

Better than any you’ve had before…soooo different from super market bought sweet chilli sauce.  Cheeky sweet chilli is thick and full of minced cayenne red chillies, ginger, garlic and a real sweet and sour balance.  This sauce is great for those whom like a touch of heat, loads of flavour and a real gourmet finish.  It’s  great as an accompaniment or for stir fries, curries, or anything you want to add a bit of zing too.

300g Free from Gluten, Vegan friendly, plant based. No Artificial Preservatives, Refrigerate after opening.

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