Save dough by getting all three! 


Habanero and Sichuan Dukka

Bursting with Heat, spice and Crunch!!

This dukka is amazing on meats. Use as a rub, roll chicken pieces in it and roast.  Create a beautiful crust on lamb racks or a roast.  Toss through some peanuts and serve with beer!  Sprinkle on a salad or vegetables.  Saute some fresh prawns in it.  So versaile.


Packed full of Australian Roasted Almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, sesamee seeds, habanero chilli, sichuan pepper, and lo0ads of spices.

*contains seeds and nuts

*No added preservatives

*vegan friendly

*free from gluten

*no nasty fillers

Zesty Jalapeno Dukka

Locally grown Jalapeno, Australian roasted almonds, seeds, spices and a burst of lemon. 

A fragrant, crunchy, healthy mix that will turn any meal into a winner. 

Serve on smashed avocado, salads, eggs and vegetables. It makes a wonderful crust on fish or chicken or simply serve with extra virgin olive oil and crusty bread. A must for every pantry!

Mild to medium heat.

80 g net

No added fillers or preservatives. 

Vegan friendly

Free from gluten.

**contains nuts and seeds.

Award winning -  Coconut Sambal

Crunchy, medium heat, and bursting with flavour. Sprinkle on salads, curries, soup, rice or noodle dishes.  Even on a bowl of vegetables.  Made with coconut, chilli, fresh mint, coriander and a touch of fish sauce.  NOT VEGAN suitable. 55g Net

Dukka and Sambal Trio


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Proudly Australian made and owned.

Product manufactured in N.S.W. Australia

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